Why Kids love Yoga Stars

Imaginative, dynamic and inspiring, Yoga Stars brings the benefits of yoga to children aged three to 12 years. Traditional postures are turned into animals, props are used to demonstrate breathing techniques and relaxation is accompanied with soft music.

Classes are divided into two groups: 3-7 years and 8-12 years. Younger children can expect to be taken on an adventure: diving to the bottom of the ocean or saving a princess from a grumpy giant! Of course, the children are always the hero at the end of every adventure and an emphasis is placed on helping and respecting each other.

The older age group learn fun, flowing postures where yoga sequences, either energetic or calming can be accompanied by pop or chill-out music. All sessions end with relaxation and games.

Let’s hear from the children themselves what it is they like about Yoga Stars…

Yoga Stars testimonial

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