Children from St Annes Junior School, Bristol

Yoga Stars testimonial

Yoga Stars testimonial

Yoga Stars testimonial

Parent of George [7 years] – Hotwells School, Bristol.

George has been doing Yoga Stars for over a year now and he really loves taking part. Yoga Stars is a gentle and energetic exercise that involves good concentration and George is thrilled when he can master a particular move, like the ‘tree’ or the ‘lion’.

He also enjoys the mixture of movement and story-telling. It is such a great exercise to share with other friends in his class and as it’s a really sociable and fun time as well.

It’s good for children to learn many different ways of interacting with others and Yoga Stars is a gentle, relaxing and stimulating guided exercise for young children. George really loves it.

Every child should have the chance to enjoy themselves and get fit through Yoga Stars.

Parent of Charlie [7 years] – Hotwells School, Bristol.

My son loves Yoga Stars and is very keen to share what he has learnt with the rest of the family. The best thing for me as a parent is that my son is doing structured exercise and having great fun.

The teacher manages to keep a group of 5, 6 and 7 year olds captivated for an hour. The children are having fun, exercising and learning something that they can benefit from for their whole life. I thoroughly recommend Yoga Stars.

Parent of Amy [6 years] – Hotwells School, Bristol.

My daughter Amy has really enjoyed Yoga Stars. It has taught her a whole new way of moving her body. She loves practising the positions at home and telling me what they’re called. It’s great to see how flexible she has become in the year she has being going to Yoga Stars.

Doing the classes has also taught her how to think positively about her herself as well as breathing techniques to calm her down when she’s feeling anxious. I would really recommend Yoga Stars as it is such a positive way for children to exercise.

Parent of Milly [6 years] – Hotwells School, Bristol.

My daughter loves Yoga Stars. She enjoys the different activities and regularly shows us what she has been practising.

The teacher is always helpful and friendly, the fact that after a long day at school all the children are so enthusiastic speaks volumes!

Parent of Zachary [8 years] – Hotwells School, Bristol.

Zachary thoroughly enjoys Yoga Stars. The imaginative approach to postures engages him and he is always proud when he achieves a calm co-operative attitude. I am sure that it has a therapeutic value for both self control and his movement issues.

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